Heroku Postico CLI plugin

7th July, 2015

I've been using PG Commander, and more recently, Postico for accessing my local, staging, and production PostgreSQL databases.

To help speed up my workflow when using multiple databases on Heroku, I released this open source plugin to effortlessly add connections to the fantastic Egger Apps GUI.

Compatible with Postico and PG Commander, Postico's predecessor.

From Postico v0.22 onwards, this plugin will automatically use the app name as the connection nickname. Thanks Jakob!



$ heroku plugins:install heroku-postico
$ heroku help postico


To add (or open existing) connections to Postico or PG Commander:

$ heroku postico:open


$ heroku postico:open --app <app_name>

or from within an application with multiple remotes

$ heroku postico:open --remote <remote_name>


I encourage you to fork and contribute if you fix a bug or create a new feature. Submit a pull request and I'll review it as soon as possible!