Rails Admin history rollback

28th July, 2015

I regularly use rails_admin as my go-to content management system when building Ruby on Rails applications.

Out of the box, rails_admin is compatible with paper_trail, a gem for auditing or versioning model changes. However, it wasn't possible to revert changes easily. I thought it was about time to add this missing feature...

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Heroku Postico CLI plugin

7th July, 2015

I've been using PG Commander, and more recently, Postico for accessing my local, staging, and production PostgreSQL databases.

To help speed up my workflow when using multiple databases on Heroku, I released this open source plugin to effortlessly add connections to the fantastic Egger Apps GUI.

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Arduino milling machine, part I

21st January, 2014

As projects go, this one is quite ambitious. I've been thinking of building a CNC milling machine for some time now... Today, I decided to dive in and get cracking.

My recent Arduino Uno purchase should provide the perfect place to start for prototyping a computer numerical control (CNC) system to help make precision parts in metal, plastic, wood, etc.

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25th July, 2013

I enjoy developing for the web, and bringing designs to life, but my least favourite part of the process is typography.

Almost every designer I've met are horrified when I can't tell that their carefully chosen web font isn't loading properly and the first fallback is showing instead.

After a print masterclass with David Shaw at Rrex, I got the typographical bug and created a jQuery plugin for controlling DOM element kerning.

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